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Descriptive Photo!,

Will allow you to take a photo or use one from your photo roll, and adds a simple yet great, title and description area in combination with the selected or taken photo. Then saves it all together as a new one "postcard" style image, and preserves any photo used from the roll.

* This is great for MMS! SEND A PHOTO WITH TEXT ALREADY IN IT! Avoiding having to select a photo, then type in your description or information about it. SAVING TIME!

* This Is also great for PROJECTS! Take a photo and describe it, such as working on your car, take a photo of the part your removing with the screws, and label it with what goes where, saving you time when you go to put back together!

* Also great for sending quick postcards to family members or loved ones, as well as just being able to remember something important with that specific photo!

This was actually my final project for my first iOS class at stark state, taught by Valerie Shipbaugh. Figured I'd share it with the world and see if anybody else finds it handy!

Hope you enjoy!
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