Example Work!

Bryant Heating LLC

Bryant Heating and Cooling, located on 12th Street in Canton, Ohio. Website went live this mid-summer. This is my brother, John Regopoulos's HVAC business. Site has a contact.php page so his customers can ask him a question about anything from Pricing, to Parts, Service and more. Once submitted my brother John gets emailed, as well as the user to inform them that he will be responding asap. The nice part for him is he gets emails on the go on via a beautiful iPhone, allowing him to either reply back call the customer directly. NEXT PHASE! Google Optimization, which is going to be quiet the challange on its own. Reason is that Bryant is an actual furnice and a/c manufacturer known all over the US! In my brothers case, the name of the business comes from my grandfather whos last name happens to be Bryant and founder of the business. Many years back they used to sell Bryant products, but now a days my brother sells, Heil, Comfort-Aire and Concorde. So using the simple trick of creating a link to bryant the manufacture on his website isn't valid in his case,and thus making it harder to get his website to show up any where near the top of the page.